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Tip No: 6 - Handling Skids
A skid is the loss of tire traction. It may be caused by inappropriate use of steering brakes or accelerator.

The best way to learn to handle skids and other emergency driving techniques is under controlled conditions with a qualified instructor. Courses may be available in your area.

Here are some basic rules that every driver should know.

When you start to skid:

- Release the brake; - Take your foot off the pedal; - Depress the clutch pedal or shift to neutral quickly. - Look where you want to go and steer where you want to go.

If you can't recover steering control, and the car start to rotate, hit the brakes as hard as you can and stay on them. It will continue to rotate but in one direction only and others will stand a better chance of avoiding you. You should keep your foot hard on the brake until the car stops.

This driving tip is from the Partners in Safety booklet, which was published by the Ontario Trucking Association.  Expert instructors of the DSAO have carefully vetted all of these tips.

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