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Tip No: 4 - Passing Trucks
Pay close attention to truck turn signals. Never pass on the right or squeeze in beside a truck to turn right at an intersection. Turning a large truck to the right is a tricky job. Sometimes a truck will move to the left before turning right to avoid running the trailer on to the curb. Sometimes corners are so sharp that a truck trailer must go over the curb to complete a right turn.

Before passing a truck on the highway check the traffic front and rear.

Indicate that you are going to pass.

When you see the way is clear be decisive and make your pass as quickly and safely as possible. Trucks have to shift through as many as 15 gears to reach highway speeds, and take longer to stop than your car.

Be patient when you want to overtake. Trucks are long, and greater distance and time are needed to pass safely.

When you move into the passing lane, be aware that large trucks can cause turbulence. This is most noticeable when you pass the gap between the cab and trailer and immediately after you pass the truck. Don't cut in, or slow down after passing.

Be sure to signal turns well in advance. Signal lights are to alert other drivers what you intend to do. Don't wait until you start to pull out or overtake before activating your signals. You could cause a serious collision.

This driving tip is from the Partners in Safety booklet, which was published by the Ontario Trucking Association.  Expert instructors of the DSAO have carefully vetted all of these tips.

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