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Tip No: 15 - Expressway Driving
When you enter an expressway like Highway 400 or 401, leave lots of space between yourself and other vehicles both on the ramp and in the acceleration lane. Use your directional signals and don't pull in front of a truck without leaving plenty of room. Be sure you are at or near the speed of the traffic.

Always obey the signs "slower traffic keep right". When there are three or more lanes in one direction, using the center lane for slower driving creates a dangerous situation for all drivers, particularly truckers. Truckers are not permitted to use the left hand passing lane and need the center lane to pass or move with the traffic.

Keep a large "space cushion" around your car. If possible don't drive alongside other vehicles, especially in merge areas. This will enable you to change lanes safely and give you room to take evasive action in emergencies. Increase your cushion even more when near large vehicles. They need extra space and time to maneuver. Increase your distance around motorcycles so other road users can clearly see them.

Never tailgate, particularly trucks. If someone is tailgating you, for your own safety increase your follow distance on the vehicle ahead and let the tailgater pass at the earliest opportunity.

Always signal and check your blind spot by looking over your shoulder before changing lanes. Even with your minors you have a blind spot.

Posted maximum speeds are for ideal conditions. Slow down in bad weather, poor traction, traffic conditions, or if you are not at your peak.

Accidents can be caused by differences in speed of vehicles~. Driving too fast leads to lane changes. Driving too slow leads other to take risks to get past you. Try to stay with the flow.

This driving tip is from the Partners in Safety booklet, which was published by the Ontario Trucking Association.  Expert instructors of the DSAO have carefully vetted all of these tips.

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